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Items 1-12 of 169


Choosing a rug for your home can be a little daunting. Do you opt for a cotton rug or a wool one? A round rug or rectangular? A contemporary rug, or a classic one?

Well, we hope we can help you to narrow your choices down.

First and foremost, what kind of feel are you trying to achieve for your room? Do you want a calming, neutral space to wind down in at the end of a day in the office? Or maybe you want to make a style statement with your hallway?

Of course, a rug isn’t just there to look pretty; it has a job to do as well. Do you need a large rug to cover up an old carpet, or add warmth to laminate flooring? Or perhaps you want a contemporary rug to detract from the woodchip that you just don’t have the energy to banish from your home?

How much wear will your rug have to take? A hallway rug that may see numerous people walking across it in shoes, every day, will need to be more hardwearing than a living room rug, for example. So while you may want to opt for the luxury of a pure wool modern rug for in-front of the sofa, a jute rug could be a better option for high-traffic areas.

How likely is it that your rug will have things spilt on it? A leather rug is a surprisingly practical choice for most homes, as it’s easy to wipe clean. Or why not opt for one of our 100% cotton rugs, that can be machine washed?

What will you be using the rug for? This may seem like a silly question, but, especially in family homes, a rug isn’t always just there to be walked on. Children, in particular, often spend a lot of time playing on the floor, and will often want you to join them as they transform your contemporary rug into a farmyard or fairy kingdom. If you are going to be spending much time sitting on the floor, you may prefer the softness of a wool, or cotton rug, over a jute rug.

We hope that we’ve helped to make your decision easier. Whichever rug you choose, large or small; jute, cotton, leather or wool; contemporary or classic, you can be assured that buying from Homescapes means that you’re choosing quality that will last for years. Many of our rugs are handmade, using traditional handlooms. We believe in fair working conditions, and all of our manufacturers are carefully vetted, to ensure that there is no child-labour involved.

Happy browsing!

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