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Duvets Buying Guide

Duvet Buying Guide

Homescapes’ duvet buying guide is designed to help you make the right decision when purchasing a duvet, opting for the most suitable bedding to ensure that you get the best sleep, night after night. With hundreds of duvet types on the market, it can be a difficult decision to make, so we’ve done the hard work and compiled this comprehensive duvet guide, containing helpful advice, scientific reasoning and handy tips so you make the right duvet decision.

With years of experience, research and design in the duvet and bedding industry, Homescapes have invested valuable time and money to ensure that we offer a wide range of duvet fillings and styles – so we’re confident that you will find just what you’ve been looking for.

When choosing your duvet you need to make the following decisions:

  1. Choose the right size
  2. Find the perfect filling
  3. Tog rating
  4. Construction/Quality

Firstly, we will take a look at the European and Worldwide recognised certification and standards behind the manufacturing of our duvets.

Certification and Standards

Responsible Down Standard (RDS)
Recognised worldwide, Responsible Down Standard (RDS) safeguards the welfare of the ducks and geese that provide down and feathers for our products. It is a regulated certification that ensures that all feather and down products being sold by the retailer are ethically sourced and can be traced back to its origin.

Being RDS certified guarantees the following:

  1. Products have gone through an ethical and quality inspection process where all criteria are met with all feathers being fully traceable
  2. Each stage in supply chain is audited by a professional, third party certification body
  3. Products with the RDS certification contain feathers and down that are not plucked from live animals.
  4. Products are 100% certifies down and feather.

Filled with 100% Australian Wool Homescapes wool duvets include Woolmark labelling, ensuring they have been made to Woolmark standards. This trademark ensures that Homescapes duvets are filled with 100% pure new wool and has been manufactured to regulated standards, giving customers the confidence that they are buying a high quality duvet.

simply, if it is cold, it will keep you warm and if it is hot it will keep you cool. A clever fibre, wool is naturally dry and moisture wicking, thus if you begin to sweat or become too hot, the wool filling will draw the moisture away from you and out into the surroundings. This ensure that a consistent level of warmth is maintained and you remain comfortable all night through. A relatively thin duvet in comparison to feather and synthetic types, a wool duvet is specially treated so that it is naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with fluctuating body temperatures.

Synthetic –Super Microfibre and Hollowfibre

Microfibre and Hollowfibre fillings are man-made and as a result are soft, light and easy to car for. Unlike synthetic fibres from years ago, modern fillings have been carefully engineered to replicate the feel and performance of down duvets, so you can get an ultra-soft duvet at a low price. If you are an allergy sufferer, you may want to opt for a synthetic filling. Allergens carried by dust mites are a known cause of a range of allergies so caring and washing your duvet becomes ever more important, a synthetic duvet can be washed at home easily at high temperatures.

INFO: Super Microfibre is a synthetic filling that has been adapted by Homescapes, allowing us to pack more fibres within yourduvet for that extra comfort and long lasting plumpness.

Plenty of Room – Get the Size Right

Firstly you need to choose your duvet size. Our duvets are available in a range of standard UK sizes, so you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you and your bed.

Duvet Size (cm) Size (Inches)
Single 135 x 200 54 x 79
Double 200 x 200 79 x 79
King Size 230 x 220 90 x 87
Super King Size 260 x 220 103 x 87
Kids 120 x 150 47 x 59

TIP: TIP: As you would expect, duvets fit the correct size bed perfectly and provide plenty of coverage whilst you sleep. For an extra-cosy experience, why not use the next size up? Using a king size duvet on a double bed, for example, not only gives a full, luxurious look to your bed but also provides a practical solution if you’re lucky enough to share a bed with a “duvet hog”.

The Perfect Filling

The duvet filling your choose is usually due to personal preference, and once you have chosen a specific filling it is common to always opt for the same filling when shopping for a replacement. Homescapes offer a range of natural and synthetic fillings, giving you a variety to choose from. From Super Microfibre to luxurious goose feather, we explore the types of duvet available and highlight the reasons why they should be on your shopping list the next time you’re searching for new bedding.

You can choose from a natural filling or a man-made fibre, depending on your preference and budget. All of our synthetic duvets are encased within soft Microfibre to ensure they remain completely synthetic and hypoallergenic. Alternatively our natural fillings are encased within rich 100% breathable cotton, giving them a luxuriously smooth finish, furthermore they are double stitched, keeping their filling in place and making them suitable for allergy sufferers. Scroll down for more information.

Natural - Feather and Down

Natural filled duvets are warm, heavy and drape beautifully around you whilst you sleep. Feathers have been fine-tuned by nature and, as a result, are fantastic insulators and are long-lasting. Homescapes’ duvets are filled with a mix of natural duck or goose feathers and down, providing you with the lightweight warmth of down and the heavy, insulative properties of feathers. Duck and goose fillings have been used for centuries and are regarded as high-quality insulators, they are the must-have duvet if you are shopping for cosy warmth and luxury. Ideal if you prefer a thick duvet and a ‘tucked in’ feeling whilst sleeping, densely packed feathers create a heavy duvet that drapes around your body. Our duvets use both down and feathers to create the perfect blend of cloud-like lightness and cosy warmth.

Natural - Feather and Down
Unlike natural feather fillings, wool works with your body temperature, providing a comfortable night’s sleep whatever the weather. A natural temperature regulator, wool filled duvets adapt to their surroundings and utilise your body temperature to create a consistent level of warmth for the person sleeping under it. Putting it

15 Tog - Our thickest duvet, this heavyweight duvet is perfect for winter time and designed to keep you warm during very cold weather.

All Seasons (9 Tog & 4.5 Tog)

As the name suggests, our All Seasons duvet is perfect all year round. This duvet actually comes as a set of two: one 9 tog and one 4.5 tog. In summer, the light, 4.5 tog duvet is ideal for the warmer weather; when the weather is a little cooler in autumn and spring, use the 9 tog duvet for some extra warmth; and when the cold winter comes along, you can attach the two duvets together using the incorporated press studs to create the ultimate 13.5 tog winter duvet.

Wool Duvets Rating

Wool is natural and unique in comparison to other fillings. Wool works by reacting to your body’s own temperature, thus it cannot be tog rated as it all depends on the temperature of the person sleeping under it. So instead of rating it by tog we simply say that a wool duvet will keep you warm when it is cold and keep you cooler during warmer weather. We offer 2 wool duvets, one suitable for spring and summer months and another, slightly heavier duvet ideal for autumn and winter.

TIP: With the ever-changing weather, an all-seasons is a great investment. It gives you the choice to change your duvet seasonally, weekly or even daily, depending on the weather. With 3 tog variations available this is the equivalent of having 3 duvets.

Keeping Warm – Toasty Tog Ratings

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