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Artificial Bathroom Plants

A stylish way of bringing nature into your home, you’ll be able to find the best plants for your bathroom with Homescapes. From orchids to succulents, find your perfect bathroom plant here.

The Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Need inspiration? Instagram users everywhere have been tagging us in their floral bathroom masterpieces - all featuring the Homescapes range. Here we feature the images deemed the best of the best, just for you.

Black and White Bathroom Accessories

Introducing contrasting colours into your home and bathroom can be a quick and easy way to highlight the space of your room. Opting for bright walls and an open floor plan can make your room look bigger than ever, while the addition of matching bathroom plants can accessorise and soften the area. Something as simple as the Homescapes two-toned orchids on a shelf can give the room a personality. With our realistic yet faux bathroom plants, you won’t have to worry about if your plan can survive the humidity. Water-resistant, UV treated and made from strong and durable material, our bathroom plants will last in whatever room you decide to use them in.

The Best Plants for Bathrooms

For a statement plant to live by your bath or toilet, our elegant oriental style white orchid in a black pot is one to consider. Made up of neutral colours, with a slight pop of pink to the petals, this life-like plant is perfect for filling unused space in your bathroom.

Meanwhile, our range of succulents in varying sizes, colours and pots are perfect to be displayed on top of bathroom cupboards, on bath trays or by the sink. Yet, decoration isn’t the only purpose of these must-have accessories. Even artificial plants have been known to help improve moods, so it only makes sense why so many people put them in the bathroom. It is the first room we visit every morning, and who wouldn’t want to start the day out right? Even small bathrooms can get in on the trend with our range of bathroom hanging plants, which are ideal for suspension above your bath. As they’re fake, you won’t need to worry about the moisture hurting your plants. We simply advise cleaning them with a damp cloth once in a while, to keep them looking fresh and dust-free.

Monochrome Bathroom Accessories

Our range of accessories for monochrome bathrooms don’t end at plants, though. Wrap yourself in one of our 100% combed Egyptian cotton robes, and step onto one of our amazing Spa Supreme Luxury bath mat sets. Available in single, bold colours, we have something to suit every interior design.
Compliment your natural ensemble of cotton and faux plant-life with our machine washable Turkish cotton bath towels, perfect for hanging over bath rails, the edge of your sink or the side of the bath.

Top FAQ's

Why put an artificial plant in your bathroom?

Artificial plants are a great and inexpensive way to add some character to your interior. Not only are they low-maintenance but they are a great way of putting your own stamp on a place. They add style and a natural aesthetic to the room, without the worry of the plant dying due to bathroom humidity or accidental over-watering.

What makes a good artificial bathroom plant?

A good bathroom plant is water-resistant and UV-protected, allowing you to put them anywhere in the bathroom you wish. Windowsill? Go for it! Near the sink? You bet! Shop the range of faux bathroom plants from Homescapes to find a plant that suits you, and meets both these requirements.

What are artificial bathroom plants?

Artificial bathroom plants are a piece of home décor used to decorate a space – specifically, in this case, the bathroom. They can be place on windowsills, the back of toilets, the top of cupboards, or even suspended from the ceiling. All artificial plants from Homescapes are water-resistant and UV-protected to prevent colour fading.

How do I choose the best artificial plant to suit my bathroom?

If you’re interested in a bathroom plant, you first need to assess the bathroom you plan on putting it in. Is there enough floor space? Shelf-space? Do you have something you can hang a plant from?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you can browse our range of artificial bathroom succulents, hanging plants or potted orchids. We always advise measuring the available space, and comparing this with the plant size, found in the product specifications part of each item.

How do I care for an artificial bathroom plant?

Our low-maintenance bathroom plants are designed to need little input from you. All you have to do is give them a light dusting once a month, and ensure they’re not in a direct line of water.

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