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Feather Duvets

Feather Duvets

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  1. Premium White Goose Down 13.5 Tog All Seasons Duvet
    Premium White Goose Down 13.5 Tog All Seasons Duvet
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Items 1-12 of 24


Feather & Down Duvets

What could be snugglier than a feather duvet? A natural insulator, feathers have been used to keep us warm for generations. At Homescapes, we sell both duck and goose feather and down duvets, in a range of togs and sizes, at prices you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

We’ve found that a mix of 85% feather and 15% down makes for the best combination of warmth and comfort. We only use small, soft feathers in our duvets; larger feathers with scratchy shafts don’t exactly make for a cosy night’s sleep!

As a natural material, goose and duck feathers can be more breathable than man-made fibres, so these duvets allow moisture to escape, keeping you comfortable all night long.

The filling is housed in a cotton casing, which has a high thread count to keep dust mites at bay.

All of our feather duvets are quilted, to ensure an even distribution of filling, and they can be washed at home, although you may need to take larger duvets to the laundrette, depending on the size of your washing machine.

We have a wide choice of togs available. Our lightest weight, 4.5 tog, goose feather and down duvet is perfect for warmer climates, or the height of British summer. 10.5 tog is ideal for spring and autumn, while 13.5 is good and toasty for winter nights. If you really feel the cold though, you can’t beat our super-warm, 15 tog, duck feather and down duvet.

Can’t make up your mind? Our all seasons duvet gives you the best of all worlds. Use the 4.5 tog duvet in hotter months; switch to the 9 tog as it gets cooler, then clip them together for a cosy 13.5 tog.

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