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Items 1-12 of 45


Items 1-12 of 45


While we do love a good duvet, there are few things that beat a quilted cotton bedspread - pure luxury!

Our bedspreads are good and heavy, so really help to add a cosy touch and keep the chills at bay. Featuring box quilting, they’re fully reversible, with complementary colours on each side. Our purple reversible bedspread, for example, is rich damson on one side and light lavender on the other. As well as giving you two looks for the price of one, they look great with the top turned down.

We also stock a range of organic cotton bedspreads. Handcrafted in India, these are padded with 100% cotton filling, so just get better and better with age. Featuring scalloped edges and an attractive stitched pattern, these luxury bedspreads will be a much loved item for years to come.

Our quilted bedspreads are available in several sizes, and a wide range of colours, from cool, crisp white, to shocking pink. So, whether you’re looking to add a vibrant splash of colour, or a calming touch to a room, you’re sure to find something to suit.

We believe in practicality here at Homescapes, so all of our cotton bedspreads are machine washable. (Who has time for hand-washing?)

Ideal for any bedroom, we find our bedspreads are particularly useful for adding a welcoming touch to a guest room. Of course, it’s not just while you’re sleeping that these cotton bedspreads come in handy. They’re perfect for curling up on the sofa on a cold night, mug of hot chocolate in hand. Bliss.

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