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Hall Runners


Hallway Runners

There are few things nicer than kicking your shoes off when you come through your front door. However, our hallways are often the most neglected areas of our home, with cold flooring, or stained carpets. A hall runner can really transform a space, covering worn flooring and adding an element of warmth and comfort. They quite literally welcome you back home.

And forget the uninspiring designs of the past. From recycled leather woven rugs, to handmade jute hallway runners and modern, Scandinavian-style carpet runners, at Homescapes, we stock a wide range of designs to suit your home’s decor. Many of our hallway rugs are available in a variety of colours, so whether you want to make a statement with a shocking pink hallway runner, or opt for calming neutrals, we’re confident you’ll find something to suit.

We know that children seem to have an innate ability to forget to wipe their feet when they rush in through the door, and dogs love nothing more than finding the muddiest patch possible on their walks. So, we sell a range of washable floor runners. It’s a lot easier to throw one of our runners in the washing machine than it is to scrub a carpet, making them ideal for high traffic areas, or spaces likely to see frequent spills.

Indeed, carpet runners don’t just have to be relegated to the hall. They’re ideal for a range of spaces, from galley kitchens, to beside the bed. Many home owners prefer hard floors to wall-to-wall carpet, but nothing beats sinking your feet into a soft chenille carpet runner when you climb out of bed in the morning. (We do recommend that you use an underlay on slippery floors, such as laminate or tiling.)

Of course, the material you choose will depend on the area of your home the rug is for. A hallway rug will need to be harder wearing than a floor runner for your landing, for example. So, we stock rugs in a variety of materials, including leather, cotton, chenille and jute. Which one will you welcome into your home?

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