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Mattress Protector Guide

Once you’ve found the perfect pillows, duvet and mattress, it’s important to make sure they are well looked after so they last as long as possible. This is where protectors come into play. Covers are available for duvets, pillows and mattresses and are manufactured from various materials to protect your bedding from accidental spills and wear.

Unlike toppers, which are designed primarily to add comfort to your bedding, the main purpose of protectors is to prevent your bedding from getting damaged, be it through spills, illness or general usage, which in turn prevents you having to replace your bedding earlier than planned.

Secure Fit
All of our protectors have been engineered to offer the maximum coverage and protection for your bedding. Much like a fitted sheet, our mattress protectors stretch over your mattress, with a fully elasticated skirt (rather than simply elasticated corners) to ensure a secure fit. Our pillow protectors follow the style of the much-loved housewife design, with an interior flap that folds over to hold your pillow in place. For complete water resistance, our duvet covers feature a secure zipped closure.

Getting the Right Type of Protector
We offer both waterproof protectors, which protect from water damage, and quilted protectors, which reduce wear and tear as well as improve the comfort of your bedding.

Our waterproof protectors are either manufactured completely from plastic-based materials or have a plastic backing to guarantee that no liquids seep through. These range from great value polypropylene products to soft, terry toweling, polyurethane-backed covers. These protectors can be used with our toppers or quilted protectors to increase the comfort of your bed. This way, you will not even be able to tell you’re sleeping on a waterproof layer! Waterproof protectors are ideal for children, those suffering from illness, or just to add an extra layer of defense against spillages.

Our quilted range of protectors offer an extra layer of cosy softness to snuggle into. We offer a choice of styles and materials to suit every budget, from essential polyester covers to microfibre-filled, Egyptian cotton ones. Our quilted protectors consist of an outer layer, made from polyester, cotton or polycotton and a padded filling. Quilted protectors are perfect for preventing a speedy decline of your bedding and for making your bedding easier to clean (especially useful if you run a guest house!).

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