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Microfibre Pillows at Homescapes

Our microfibre pillows are strong, durable, bounce back pillows that retain their softness and comfort night after night. If you’re looking for a non-natural filling in your pillow, then our synthetic super microfibre pillows could be the perfect alternative for you!

A microfibre pillow from Homescapes, is manufactured to such a high standard, that you will hardly notice the difference between the microfibre filling and our luxury feather and down pillows; the quality is so high!

Hotel Quality Pillows Microfibre Pillows

This is because our super microfibre pillows are always manufactured to consistent hotel quality standards. As such, our microfibre pillows are used in some of the world’s leading 5*-7* hotels. Your super soft, bounceback pillows will give you 5 star hotel quality pillows at home for a fraction of the cost, night after night!

A Homescapes V Shaped Pillow for Extra Support

For a neck support pillow, our V shaped pillow is second to none in bounceback and support qualities, offering increased levels of support and comfort where it’s needed most, if you suffer from an aching neck.   

Likewise, for customers who need a synthetic orthopedic pillow, pregnancy pillow or feeding pillow, our V shaped pillows can be just what the doctor ordered!

This is because a V pillow will naturally shape to your body’s contours, giving extra support to places that need it most such as the head, neck, arms and back.

Anti Dust Mite and Anti Allergen

Long lasting and high quality, our microfibre pillow covers (double stitched with a secure edge) are made from anti-dust mite fabric and our microfibre pillows are filled with anti-allergen microfiber filling.

Our pillows are also machine washable, which only increases their health benefits. In summary, Homescapes microfibre pillows are amazing value for money, once used, you’ll never bounce back!

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