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Door Mats


More than just somewhere to wipe your feet, your door mat tells visitors a little something about yourself and what to expect when they enter your home. Whether you’re a pet lover, or an England fan, a keen gardener, or a budding comedian, we have a coir doormat to reflect your personality. We stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor door mats, from classic designs, to statement styles that you won’t find on the high-street. We also have a wide range of funny doormats , with quotes to put a smile on the grumpiest visitor’s face.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as concerned about your carpets as you are, and children and teenagers, in particular, don’t tend to be the most diligent when wiping their feet. So we do recommend doubling up and having both indoor and outdoor doormats, to capture as much of the dirt as possible, before it makes its way onto your cream carpet.

Most of our doormats are made from coir, a natural material that comes from coconut husks. It’s strong, tough and long-lasting. We’re confident that our doormats are hardwearing enough to withstand anything you can throw at them, from muddy wellies, to snowstorms. Our coir doormats can be used indoors, as well as outdoors, as they’re backed with PVC, so won’t scratch your hardfloor, or damage your carpet.

As well as coir, we also stock rubber doormats, including ones in wrought iron designs, which are ideal for removing mud, grass and other debris.

Let’s face it, with the good old British weather being what it is, muddy shoes are pretty much unavoidable. And we’re yet to meet a dog owner who has managed to get their pet to wipe its feet before entering a house. After all, if you’ve chosen a design that reflects who you are, you want to be able to see it.

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