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Flat Sheets

The classic flat sheet by Homescapes. Woven from premium, pure cotton in a variety of on-trend colours and shades. Available for all sizes, from single to super king, Homescapes’ flat sheets combine breathability with versatility. Perfect for using directly on your mattress or under the duvet as a top sheet, these durable and soft sheets are a necessity for all bedrooms.

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Top FAQ's

What are flat bed sheets?

Flat bed sheets, or top sheets, are a sheet that it placed between you and your duvet cover. It is a simple, flat sheet and is most often used in hotels. Woven to a hotel quality, they protect your duvet cover, or can be used on their own as a blanket in the summer months.

What thread count is best for flat sheets?

It is recommended to have at least a 200 thread count for all sheets. Homescapes offer flat sheets with a thread count of 200, 330, 400 and 1000. If you prefer a thinner, cooler sheet, we also offer a thread count of 180.

All of Homescapes cotton 200 thread count sheets have been commissioned by using single ply finely combed pure cotton yarns. These provide a higher density fresh and crisp percale than you would normally expect of 200 thread count. Woven with single ply yarns, even though the flat sheet has 200 threads per square inch of weaving, the resultant fabric is far superior than most multiply yarn fabrics. This gives our 200 thread count sheets the alleged feel and comfort of a 400 thread count.

What purpose do flat sheets serve?

When used as a top sheet, flat sheets protect the duvet and cover, allowing you to wash them less frequently. It can also be used for additional warmth in colder weather, or as a blanket on its own in winter.

If you have a mattress that is too deep for a fitted sheet, a flat sheet can easily be used instead; top sheets are also great to use for décor and a classic aesthetic to the bedroom.

How do you care for a flat sheet?

You can clean your flat sheets at home by machine washing them up to 40°C.  All cotton sheets are tumble dry friendly, while linen sheets should be air-dried and laid flat. For more care instructions, see your label.

It is recommended to change your sheets once a week.

Flat sheets vs fitted sheets - which is better?

Flat and fitted sheets both have their pros and their cons. All in all, it’s down to your personal preference and what you’d like to use in your home.

If you have a deep mattress that even our extra-deep fitted sheets can’t wrap around, a flat sheet will be an essential item for your bed linen. Flat sheets are versatile, as they can be used to cover the mattress, or to protect your duvet.

Meanwhile, the fully-elasticated fitted sheet provides comfort and stays secured to the bed throughout the night, even if you’re tossing and turning.