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Silk Duvets

An exclusive collection of luxury silk duvets, super soft and encased within 200 thread count 100% premium cotton. These top quality silk duvets are filled with the finest mulberry silk blend for the perfect night’s sleep.

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Top FAQ's

What are the benefits of silk bedding?

A natural, hypoallergenic fibre, silk is a great choice for bedding and is ideal for those who suffer with allergies. Kind to the skin it is known to improve your complexion and hair and is super comfortable all night through. A pure fibre that helps to prevent overheating, silk is naturally moisture wicking, helping to regulate your body temperature and keeping you warm in winter and cooler in the summer.

What is the best silk duvet?

Filled with a luxury Mulberry silk blend and encased within 200 thread count 100% cotton, Homescapes’ silk duvets are crafted to the highest quality. Loved by thousands of customers and with top 5 star reviews this one of the best silk duvets you can buy.

How to wash a silk duvet

Silk duvets can be easily cared for at home, Homescapes’ Mulberry silk duvets are washable at 40c and can be line dried or tumble dried on a low heat. Always ensure that your duvet is thoroughly dry before use. If you do not wish to wash your duvet, airing it for a few hours on your washing line can give it that clean and refreshed feeling.