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6 Items

Music pillows - lets you listen to your favourite music in comfort as you drift off to sleep. Our speaker pillows, help you to sleep more soundly!

Homescapes pillow with speakers was born by combining our amazing hotel quality pillows with a removable, high-quality integrated speaker. The result was a musical marvel, offering the comfort of a luxury pillow with the joy of listening to your favourite tunes!

Music Pillow Popularity

Homescapes music pillows are popular with our customers for a number of reasons:

*Unlike other sound pillows in the market, our musical pillows are machine washable. All you need to do is take out the speaker first and then give your pillow the freshness it deserves. As a result, the lifespan of our product is far superior to other sound pillows on the market.   You won’t need to worry about replacing the product after a few months because of the lack of ability to give it a good clean and also you get a much healthier, cleaner music pillow to enjoy for years to come.

*Customers are not limited to a single choice of pillow filling or firmness. Fillings can be: microfibre, goose feather & down or duck feather and there are even other options available.  

*All sound pillows come with a 100% organic cotton anti-dust mite casing, including a double-stitched edge to make sure that whatever filling you choose stays inside. We, as pillow manufacturers, understand the importance of quality pillows that are durable and long lasting.

*Our speaker pillows have a removable high-grade speaker of top quality. All you need to do is simply connect your speaker pillow’s (long) lead to your music player and relax in the comfort of your favourite music. These pillows are compatible with all music players using a standard 3.5mm jack which include: ipad’s, iphone’s, ipod’s, mp3 players, mobile phones, radios and more. The sound pillow itself, couldn’t be simpler to use!

*You can listen to your favourite music without disturbing others and without the need of using uncomfortable headphones to isolate the sound.

Speaker Pillow Health Advantages

Music pillows can also be a great way to help ease frustrating medical conditions such as tinnitus and to relax at the end of a stressful day! For a music pillow, that’s amazing value for money, the Homescapes speaker pillow cannot be beaten!

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