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Memory Foam Pillows


1 Item

1 Item

Homescapes memory foam pillows are brilliantly designed and painstakingly produced with anti allergy pillows filling. A Homescapes memory foam pillow will give you the head and neck support you would expect from a high quality pillow.

Contour Pillows

These pillows are flexible, changing shape with your head and neck contours, giving you ultimate support and comfort as you sleep, night after night. For a countour memory foam pillow, manufactured to the highest quality, a Homescapes memory pillow is hard to beat!

Memory Foam Pillows-Health Benefits

These pillows also keep your neck and spine at a natural curve whilst you sleep, keeping them aligned, helping to prevent sore necks in the morning. Memory pillows can also help with sleep apnoea and snoring problems, as the memory foam properties and the natural aligned position of your head and neck mean your airways are kept open, to a greater degree, whilst you sleep.

Anti Allergy Pillows

Our memory foam pillows are also great for allergy sufferers too, as they don’t harbour allergens. These have an antimicrobial additive which is also anti-dust mite, preventing fungus and even MRSA growth.

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