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Armchair Booster or Riser Cushions

Our booster cushions have been specially designed for the elderly and other people who have difficulty lowering themselves to a chair and rising up again. We stock chair cushions, back support cushions and easy seat riser cushions, in a wide range of colours.

Armchair booster cushions can be used to give some oomph back to a sagging armchair or sofa, and have a carry handle to make them easy to transport to other areas. A range of designs and materials are available, from tartan cotton to chocolate faux leather. Our comfort armchair booster cushions are shaped to ease pressure on post-natal stitches and piles, allowing people to sit comfortably, without resorting to the rubber ring which is sometimes recommended in these cases!

We stock a wide range of cotton seat pads & dining chair cushions, which tie on to the chair to offer extra stability. As well as offering  a more comfortable dining experience, these cushions make rising from the chair easier, so are ideal for the elderly, as well as pregnant women and people with knee and back pain. Our dining chair booster cushions are available in cotton velvet or calico.

If you travel in a car for long distances regularly, either as a passenger or driver, you’ll want to check out our travel back support booster cushions, which transform your car seat into the comfort level of an armchair. As well as being amazingly comfortable, these cushions make getting in and out of the car easier, so are ideal for the elderly and people with mobility problems. What’s more, as they’re made with cotton, these travel cushions allow air to circulate, so are cooler on a hot day.  

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