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Homescapes pillows are some of the best pillows in the UK! Just try them and discover our luxury pillows for yourself. Manufactured to hotel pillows quality, our affordable pillows are second to none.

Best Hotel Pillows at Homescapes

At Homescapes, we understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and we pride ourselves on making pillows that will give you complete support and comfort night after night. That’s because we have decades of experience selling our luxury pillows to top world class hotels and retail chains around the globe. This has enabled us to find the perfect formula to give you hotel pillows of 5 star hotel quality to cater for all your sleep needs.

Homescapes Best Pillows-A Luxurious Range

*If you love the luxury of feather and down pillows, then we have a wide choice of fillings to choose from, including: goose down pillows and feather pillows; duck feather and down pillows; giving you that pure, lavish comfort that comes from the natural softness of luxury down feathers.

*If you’re looking for an alternative to feather and down pillows, then our microfibre pillows may be perfect for you. Our anti-allergenic, super microfibre filling makes our pillows strong and durable. Our microfibre pillows bounce back into shape night after night. Our microfibre hotel pillows are used in 5* - 7* hotels around the world and we’re delighted to offer our customers the same world class, hotel quality sleeping experience in the comfort of their own homes!

*We also have specialist comfort and support pillows, featuring our star, V shaped pillow. Our high quality, V shaped pillow can be used as a pregnancy pillow to help soothe frustrating aches and pains during pregnancy and it can double up as a feeding pillow when baby arrives!  A Homescapese  V shaped pillow can also be used for extra neck, back and shoulder support. If you experience the quality of our V pillow, you’ll see the difference! We have a wide range of V shaped pillow fillings to suit all levels of comfort and budgets.

*If you need a large orthopedic pillow, or just like to have something big and large to cuddle up to then a body pillow could be right up your street!  

*A memory pillow can also be used for extra head support and our memory pillows are perfect for allergy sufferers too with their anti allergy fillings.

*If you’re looking for something unique, fun and practical then a music pillow with speakers may be just what you need! Our music pillows, allow you to drift off to sleep listening to your favourite music. A sound pillow may also help in overcoming sleep disturbances or to drown out frustrating noises such as a partners’ snoring!

Your Luxury Pillows Purchase

At Homescapes, you can be assured that all our pillows are manufactured as hotel quality pillows. Our pillows are available in a wide range of sizes to give you the pillow match that is perfect for you.

Homescapes also offer a wide range of pillow cases in a variety of fabrics, colours and styles to compliment your purchase, to give you years of good quality sleep, night after night.